Safe Service

Have you noticed that something is not quite right with your safe?

Is the door hard to open or close?
Does the combination not dial correctly or is the electronic lock making a funny noise or sometimes malfunctioning?
Does the handle spin or the lever slip,are the locking bolts getting stiff or not retracting all the way?
You may feel that you can put this off for a little while longer......

If you neglect your safe something costly may happen.


A safe is a machine and requires occasional maintenance just like any other machine.
Don't hesitate and miss the opportunity to save yourself time, money and frustration (Not to mention the safe itself).

Common Mistakes made by safe users
(or habits that will end up being expensive)

Not having your safe serviced periodically
Not having your safe serviced at the first sign of trouble
Whipping or spinning the dial to "clear" the last opening or closing
Spinning the dial too fast
Forcing your safe closed and locked despite the fact that there is obviously  a problem
Closing and locking your safe after you had trouble opening it in the first place
Closing and locking your safe with your foot
Attempting to close the door with the bolts extended
Forcing the door closed on an overfull safe or with the door partially obstructed
Applying pressure to the handle before the lock is fully unlocked

Commercial and Residential Safe services

Conventional Dial and Digital Combination Changes
Digital Keypad and Electronic Lock Upgrade
Annual Service including "Mechanical Lock Tune Ups"
Bolt Works Serviced- Including Parts Repaired or Replaced
Safe Deposit Lock Service - Including Openings and Lock Replacement
Safe Deposit Keys Duplicated
Safe Repair
Lock Repair
Safe Openings